May I have a copy of the menu faxed to me?
Sorry, we aren’t able to fax the menu, but you may download a copy from our website.
Do you have a children’s menu?
Yes, download a copy of our children’s menu ahead of time.
Do you have a full bar?
We offer a full bar in West Hollywood and Agoura Hills. Studio City has beer and wine only.
Can you dine at the bar?
Sorry, we do not have any bar seating.
Do you have Sat/Sun brunch?
We do serve breakfast until 4pm, but we do not offer a special brunch menu or brunch buffet.
May I order food to-go?
Yes. Download a copy of our menu to call in your order if you’d like.
Do you deliver?
In Agoura Hills you may order online with
. We do not have direct delivery options at other locations, though 3rd party services are popping up all the time who may be able to accommodate you.
Do you offer catering?
We offer catering where you may purchase family sized portions of some of our most popular menu items to take away.
Do you have allergy information?
Our Menu legend identifies each dish that has nuts, is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or can be made that way. We also have an extensive allergy list that identifies other common allergens. You can find it here.
Where can I find more information about the ingredients you use?
Visit us at
I was at Hugo’s for the first time and found the food a little bland. What gives?
Sometimes we get complaints from new guests that our food seems bland. If you are not used to our style of cooking, then it might seem to be – at first. It’s easy to enhance the flavors of food with salt, sugar, and fats. Cream and cheeses will also satisfy the palate easily. But we try to avoid all of these wherever possible, for good health. In short time the palate adjusts and is able to taste the more natural and pure flavors of the ingredients.

As a salt substitute, we mostly use a blend of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and organic, gluten-free San J Tamari. This blend has naturally occurring sodium and is saltier in taste than it actually is. When we do use salt, it is only REAL SALT from ancient sea beds in Utah that is unprocessed and full of minerals. We do not finish our cooking with salt. You will actually taste more salt but use less if you add it to your own dish at the table. (Real Salt is available in our salt shakers. The staff will also grind fresh Tellicherry Black Pepper for you if you wish.)

Many kitchens use sugar in cooking to help caramelize vegetables and meats. We only use sugar in baking, and it is organic, vegan cane sugar (many sugars are whitened with bone char) from Wholesome Sweeteners.

We use extra virgin olive oil, ghee (clarified butter) or margarine for sautéing, but you can also get many dishes water sautéed. We offer many dressings and sauces that are oil-free in a tasty, creative way.

We clearly state all menu items that contain cream or cheese and offer substitutes for either. We make our own nacho cheese sauce and vegan cream sauce from wholesome ingredients.

What is the phone number at Hugo’s locations?

West Hollywood:

(323) 654-3993

Studio City:

(818) 761-8985

Agoura Hills:

(818) 707-0300

What is the phone number at Hugo’s Tacos?

Hugo’s Tacos Studio City:

(818) 762-7771

Hugo’s Tacos Atwater Village:

(323) 664-9400

Hugo’s Tacos Woodland Hills:

(818) 222-7700

What is the dress code?
Casual. We want you to be comfortable while you enjoy our delicious food.
Do you take reservations?
Yes, except weekend days and holidays.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover.
May I bring my own wine?
Yes, there is a $10 per bottle corkage fee.
Do you have a private dining area?


No, however our sunroom can be reserved to accommodate large parties.


Yes, for up to 25 people. We offer prix fixe menus or can customize an event for you.

Studio City

We have no private dining area.

Do you allow pets/dogs?

We allow Service Dogs for guests with disabilities.


Non-service dogs are allowed in our open-air picnic area located in the atrium outside of our restaurant. This area is for to-go food purchase only.


Non-service dogs are allowed on our outside dining patio.

Studio City

We have no area for non-service dogs in the restaurant, only on the sidewalk in front.

Do you have parking?


Yes, we have a number of spaces in the lot in front of our restaurant on Cornell Road and there is a larger parking lot behind our restaurant and Whizin Market Hall, if you enter Whizin Market Square off of Roadside Drive or Agoura Road.


Yes, you may enter our lot behind the restaurant on Kings Road and there is a public parking facility across King’s Road where we offer free 90 minute parking with validation.

Studio City

Yes, our lot entrance is on Riverside Drive on the east side of our restaurant. There is also street parking. Please check signs for hour limitations.

Do you have Valet service?

Sorry, we do not provide any valet parking services at any of our restaurants.