Matt C.

Best Macaroni And Cheese In Los Angeles

“Hugo’s on Santa Monica gets bonus points for using shells instead of traditional elbow mac. The superior concave design of the shell traps the Gorgonzola, Parmesan, and Cheddar cheese, causing a rupture of lactose-enriched delight with every bite. Plus you get the option to add some protein (chicken, tofu, sausage or bacon) for a few bucks extra. I’ve kept it simple or added some poultry, and these boys serve it perfect every time. This spot is pretty mellow in the late afternoons, so you never have to wait for a table and usually have a server all to your fine self.”

Keri Pina

#obsessed #cantgetenough best #veggieburger on #glutenfree bun ever!


A Must Eat If You’re In LA

“While LA is famous for cutting edge restaurants boasting terms like “Vegan” & “Gluten Free”, that is not always a slam dunk that it will be a great experience. Luckily, with Hugo’s you know you’re in good hands as they not only have countless Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free & meat options, but it is seriously delicious…”

Mary Lansing
Along Comes Mary

“Just leafing through the pages of Hugo’s menu could make you feel healthier, or even more virtuous.”

Rita Moran
Ventura County Star

USA Today “10 Best”

“Looking for delicious omni-, carni-, vegan & vegetarian cuisine with unusual flavors? Hugo’s could be your new favorite organic flexitarian restaurant. I like the Asian Stir-Fry but am intrigued by the “create-a-plate” where you can design your own unique meal. My friend, Betsy, loves the bottomless ice tea! Do you love oolong, chai and green tea but never get enough choices? The menu at Hugo’s has 17 types of tea you can have shipped to your own home! Hugo’s offers healthy choices that do not require you to skimp on taste! Try all the locations in Studio City, WeHo, and Agoura and become a Hugonaut.”

10 Best

“This is a Party in your mouth! We love that the flavors make you dance in your seat. Thank you so much!!!”

Ringo M.

The All-Time Best Brunch Spots In LA

“In a city where everyone seems to have some sort of a restricted diet, we’re thankful for spots like Hugo’s. Vegetarians come for the veggie bacon, while the gluten-averse rejoice in the many gluten-free offerings. And, almost everything on the menu boasts a vegan alternative. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend trying the green tamales and eggs.”


“Hugo’s is the hero of the mung bean. The champion of the kelp salad.”

Nikol H.

TimeOut Critics’ Pick

“Hugo’s Restaurant truly sets the standard for vegetarian-friendly dining. What began as a butcher shop, then transitioned into a gourmet foods store with a few tables that helped coin the term “power breakfast” in the late ’80s, is now a gathering place for eaters of all stripes to enjoy great food and a warm sense of well being. A dish is just as likely to contain Kapha spices (an Ayurvedic healing mix for spring), organic tofu or house-made vegan salami as it is old school carne asada. Almost any dish can be transformed into plant-based cuisine with delicious results, and the smoothie, juice, coffee and exquisitely curated tea list is guaranteed to please.”

Tori Davis
TimeOut Los Angeles