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Premium Teas At Home

Have them shipped to your home or picked up at our stores.

Black Teas

Dragon Eyes

Earl Grey (Box of 50 teabags)


Golden Yunnan

Hugo's Breakfast Tea

Green Teas

Herbal Green Mulberry

Dragon Pearls with Jasmine

Golden Dragon

Tongyu Mountain Green

Matcha Kaze (Tin)


Chai & Tea Lattes

Black Chai

Red Chai

Rooibos Africana

Vedic Spices


Phoenix Mountain

Pu Erh

Ginger Pu'Erh (Box of 50 teabags)


Silver Bud Pu Erh

White Teas

Drum Mountain White Cloud

Herbal & Spiced Teas

Bergamont Sage (Box of 50 teabags)


Tumeric Ginger (Box of 50 teabags)


Golden Chamomile (Box)


Three Mint (Box)


Tulsi Holy Basil (Box)


House Specialties

Almond Energy Pancake

Coffee - Decaf

Coffee - Regular

Good Morning Cereal (Energy Granola)