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Premium Teas At Home

Have them shipped to your home or picked up at our stores.

Black Teas

Dragon Eyes

Earl Grey (Box/50 teabags)


Hugo's Breakfast Tea

Yunnan Gold

Green Teas

Herbal Green Mulberry

Dragon Pearls with Jasmine

Dragon Well Special Harvest

Hugo's Green Tea

Matcha Kaze (Tin)


Chai & Tea Lattes

Black Chai

Red Chai

Rooibos Africana

Vedic Spices


Phoenix Mountain

Pu Erh

Ginger Pu'Erh (Box/50 teabags)


Vintage Pu Erh 1996

White Teas

Drum Mountain White Cloud

Herbal & Spiced Teas

Ginger Turmeric (Box/50 teabags)


Licorice Mint (Box/20 teabags)


Biodynamic Chamomile (Tin/36 teabags)


Three Mint (Box/20 teabags)


Tulsi Holy Basil (Box/20 teabags)


House Specialties

Almond Energy Pancake

Coffee - Decaf

Coffee - Regular

Good Morning Cereal (Energy Granola)